Sunday, 8 July 2012

Day 190 - BROKEN

It really doesn't feel like a Sunday today,and neither did yesterday  seem like a Saturday either!! I suppose because this weekend we have had no usual routine. No Bowls, no church and not doing anything together either!
Today we woke to another grey and showery day and Peter was off with his son and DGSs to watch cricket at Hove (his Father's day pressie). I had my monthly crop but had already decided to go for the morning and then come home and watch the tennis final which is on now! Boy is it exciting and I feel so proud of Murray who is doing so well at the moment 1 set up  so far!!
Well the word broken...... as I drove to Eastbourne to the crop I decided to take photos of the sky ahead and yes I BROKE a cardinal rule whilst driving
There were patches of blue sky ahead!
The next rule I BROKE was to drive above the speed limit on the road of 40MPH! I again used my camera to record the speed!!!
and more cloud photos for Anne as I was driving!
nearer Eastbourne black clouds appeared but I think they were moving west and not towards me

Now home I found all the BROKEN things we had collected as we cleared the kitchen and are waiting to be repaired, maybe today whilst I watch Wimbledon
The score now at 3.50 pm is 1 set to Murray and 5 games to 4 to Feder!! I have TV's on in each room so I can prepare dinner when I want. Wish there was TV outside as the weather is glorious again here!!


  1. enjoy the tennis and hope the broken things get mended- they look lovely but in need of TLC

    1. All repaired whilst watching the tennis :)

  2. Breaking rules, a great interpretation.

  3. Lovely clouds, you can see the rain gettinprepared to fall !
    Your broken things are very lovely things, glad you could repair them !!

  4. Hope you weren't too disappointed by the tennis.. he did so well and amazing to be the first in 74 years... liking the many takes on broken.. xx

  5. I agree with Anne - these things can be repaired!
    Congratulations for the wonderful pictures!