Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day - 152 - Bargains

Since I was still at my computer and I knew instantly what I was going to do... I have taken the photo and posting now before starting my busy day ahead!
I told you that in the last 2 days I have done a little retail therapy, (often do this when I am sad or upset!!) so here are 2 labels from bargain tops that I know I am keeping, the others still have their labels whilst I ponder whether to keep them!
It is cloudy today and I am pleased as I have DHW and cooking to do ready for the weekend as tomorrow I have Xanthe again for the day and her brother has asked for a sleep over with us on Friday night which we shall enjoy.  I musn't forget to pot up the plants I bought yesterday later today
Have a great day everyone xxx


  1. Very beautiful picture! Great idea!
    /I know a girl who collects labels! She makes tags./

  2. It's great to have a shopping trip.

  3. sounds like another busy day for you. Well done on finding some bargains in your shopping spree

  4. Retail Therapy: I also do this when I need cheering up. I hope you are feeling a little better, Lynne

  5. Retail Therapy? Don't get me started, lol !

  6. You Cant beat a bit of retail therapy .