Saturday, 12 May 2012


I spent all day thinking about the word unforgettable and the moments in my life that were unforgettable and of course discussing it with DH. As Anne said when you are older you have many moments that are unforgettable whether they are happy or sad. Here is a list of some of our moments
  •  Having my children though they were both C sections under general anesthetic with no photos
  • My second wedding to DH                   
  • wonderful holidays to places I never thought I would see when I was younger
  • Seeing Willie Nelson and family in a live show at Caesar's Palace
  • sunsets and sunrises, especially the moon rising from the sea when we were at a B&B in NZ
  • DH fishing all over the world but especially in Montana in Yellowstone NP
  • Births of our DGC

Here we are together nr Teton Village, Jackson Hole WY. The Grand Tetons in the background
DH fishing some creeks nr the Yellowstone river, wearing his cricket cap LOL
A rattlesnake we saw crossing the road as we went to get out of our car, we soon got back in the car to take this photo!!


  1. I love your photos Lynn, You are right, it is so hard to chose, like between cheese and dessert. Some memories are unforgettable on very different levels !

  2. It's so nice that the prompt makes us think and talk back over days which may not always be remembered.. and to share them with people who are getting toknow us and understand why we blog at all.. hope the family is okay today... awhh.. xx