Thursday, 10 May 2012

Day 131 - SANDY

This morning we had our 2nd funeral in a month connected to my daughter in law's family. Today was her Dad's funeral which was an excellent Christian service, We have only just come home via my step daughter's house to see how she was as she is very poorly with quinsy (an abscess behind the tonsil ) and then to Tesco for some soup for her to have as a meal as she hasn't eaten for several days as swallowing and talking is very difficult, we are surprised that she hasn't gone to hospital to have it lanced! She is now on very strong AB's her 3rd different kind since Sunday!
Our photo word for today was SANDY. Well I no longer have sand from Blackgang Chine (LOL who has been there and collected a test tube of coloured sands?)or memorable beach holiday.
 In Hastings the beach is mainly pebbles until the tide starts to go out so I cheated today and scrolled through my beach photos and here in 2008 I found DGS Zac (Xanthe's brother) aged 3/4yrs playing with a bit of sand amongst pebbles and a photo of a very sandy foot and leg against the pebbles!


  1. What lovely photos.

    Your poor stepdaughter- my dh had quinsy once and was almost hospitalised. He couldn't even swallow. It was very painful.

    Sounds like a very sad week for you.

  2. Beautiful photos. So sorry for your daughter in law. Sad week, yes

  3. great photos lynne, hope SDIL is better soon and this lot of AB's get to work quick!

  4. Yes I had a tube of coloured sand from Black Gang Chine too!!!