Sunday, 6 May 2012

Catch up time!! Days 118 - 127

It is our last day in Cumbria and we are driving home after dinner tonight. We had a long walk this morning and I am now relaxing in the lounge on the internet and thought I would do my catch up days before going home.
Day 119 Home made, the cross stitch that I take away every holiday. I haven't done any this time LOL!!
Day 113 Art. Was stumped with this one away from home but this picture showing the same house in different seasons was painted by my friend's DD and was in the house we stayed in on our way to Cumbria
 Day 120 - Lights. This was late morning on the M6 on our way from Staffs to Cumbria in torrential rain!
 Day 121 - Dessert. My dessert tonight  Apple pancakes with blueberry compote and vanilla ice cream, yummy!!
 Day 122 - Grunge/ grungy. Difficult today but thought the surface of these rocks 'looked' grungy!!
 Day 123 - Futuristic. You need some imagination for this one!! These leaves of a fern plant slowly unfurling remind me of Triffids!!or something futuristic LOL!!
 Day  124- Beautiful. Today we walked round this tarn and each view was stunning and beautiful!
 Day125 - Smooth. We went over Honiton pass today to walk around Buttermere and Crummock water. On the pass was the Honiton slate mine where we stopped to look and buy a sign for our house! The rough stone is smoothed by machines and water.
 Day 126 - Rough. This was some rough slate for sale
 Day 127 - Bumpy. This is the rough bumpy path we walked today, I ended up leaving the path when we met a road as it was smoother!
Well I am now up to date and will now show you a selection of the many photos I have taken this week in Cumbria!


  1. great photos lynne, well done for keeping up with the project while away!

  2. Well done on finding all those to fit the prompt

  3. it looks as if you had a lovely time. well done on catching up

  4. What a lovely set of photos- it looks like you had a lovely time.

  5. Well done on catching up. Looks like you had a good time. I also have the holiday cross stitch.

  6. Lovely selection of photos and you both look like you had a lovely holiday.