Thursday, 24 May 2012

Day 145 - SOFT

I have finally got the day right again!!Today's word was SOFT and immediately I thought about material things that are soft but decided to go for a person who is soft. The dictionary says
-  lacking in hardness. yielding under pressure, malleable. 
Well that is my lovely DH especially with the grown up children and even more so with the grandchildren.
Not often with me though!!

Here he is with Xanthe and myself, the photo taken by Xanthe's brother Zachary at Easter time

 The photo below is one of my favourites with Xanthe and DH. I am sure I have shown this one before but I just love it!!
 Sorry I haven't been blog hopping but my laptop keeps crashing so haven't been on it much!
 We had after an SOS phone call at 7.15 this morning, we had Xanthe again for the morning. We went to a garden centre for some plants for tubs and hanging baskets.
Have you all had a hot day? We have and we have eaten outside for the past 2 days and tonight I was still in the garden at 8.30pm!


  1. It is extremely hot here too.
    Lynne, your husband is sooo lovely. xx

  2. I think being a grandparent is our chance to be the softie we couldn't be in the hurry of living life as a Mum.. x