Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Day 143 - RESTFUL and Xanthe

Today was anything but restful as Tuesdays are Xanthe day! What a gorgeous hot day it turned out to be and quite a shock too. Xanthe arrived in thick tights and boots, we tried no tights but couldn't get her boots on so she stayed like this all day, no hat or sun cream but tights and boots LOL!! She found the water squirter in the lounge which we have to try and stop Mae scratching the new carpet, this kept her amused all morning in the garden after breakfast and shopping.

 Here I am soaking up the sun whilst she played water squirting at herself and the plants
 This is my restful 10mins picture for today!
Forgot to say that an engineer came today from 'Switchover' scheme for over 75's (Peter not me!!) with a topbox and set us all up. We can now record 2 programmes and watch a 3rd on our TV freeview, pause, start and rewind live TV..... what fun we will have tonight. Our VCR/DVD player will now be upstairs to record and watch. Far too many TV's etc for 2 peeps but we do like our TV programmes!


  1. You sound a lot more technologically minded than me. TV changed so much while we were in Tanzania and we now don't have one. The result is I can't work one.

  2. Isn't she sweet. She seems to have grown since last photo.
    Your photo resting in the sun is great !

  3. what a pretty cup! Yes Evie went to school in a jumper and trousers today, lol, the weather always tricks us doesnt it. Looks like Xanthe had a lovely day.

  4. I love your photo of you resting. As usual for most of us it doesn't last more than 10 minutes lol.

    What a sweetheart she is.

  5. So nice to enjoy some sunshine and your GD is gorgeous. What a beautiful cup as well, you deserve it!

  6. xanthe looks like she's really enjoying herselfand you look so peaceful enjoying your cuppa.
    We also or TV's and extras so I don't think you have too many