Monday, 14 May 2012


We woke to a lovely sunny day but I didn't have time to enjoy it. It was breakfast at Sainsburys with my friend Carol, then shopping, then home to put it all away and prepare dinner for the evening and make sandwiches to take with us. 1pm found DH and I at a quaint cinema in the village of Hawkhurst watching Salmon fishing in the Yemen and eating our sarnies with a lattee. We really enjoyed it and when we came out it was raining.
We then had to collect DD's sick cert from the her Dr. She was sent home on Saturday from the hospital with more AB's and different pain killers and told to see her Dr on Fri.  She hasn't got quinsy but an inflammed throat which could be viral (then why has she AB's?) It is now day 11 of her throat swelling and she is no better! We are quite worried about her, but she is 45yrs old!!

Today's photo has fluctuated from comparing DH with Richard (One foot in the grave) Wilson or Walter Mathieu(sp?) but I decided totake a photo of something which tells you about me.
I was going to show you my book pile but Kim has done that one. Then I remembered doing a photo a few years ago which shows 2 things about me
  • how untidy I am behind cupboards
  • my love for shoes
So I unveil a side that I keep hidden behind a cupboard about myself LOL! At the moment I have a shoe rail that DH bought me from Lidl's a few months ago and I am trying really hard to keep the shoes tidier.
Oh and today I bought another pair of shoes after seeing the film at a garden centre!! just about to throw them in the cupboard!!


  1. that is a big pile of shoes!

    1. Always have a problem deciding which shoes to take on holiday!!!

  2. I am a bit the same about cupboards, have so many places I'd like to tidy!

  3. That looks like the pile of shoes we have at the sale every week, we have to store them in large bags or boxes so tipping them out on Thursday, pairing the up for the sale and putting them back like that.
    How on earth do you find a pair?

  4. I really want to see that film!

    Love the collection of shoes!!!!

  5. Like Mary B, I was wondering how on earth you can find a pair, lol. xx

  6. OMG - as an ex shoe shop assistant I am cringing at the way you treat your shoes!! LOL Lynne, I do hope your rail will make you tidier.

    Karen x