Saturday, 19 May 2012

Day 140 - INTERIOR

Here is today's photo. I had intended to take a photo of the inside of the craft shop I visited today but in the excitement to see all the stash...I forgot LOL!!
So on my way home I took the interior of the car so these are my feet and legs!!
 Well where did I go and what did I buy you are all thinking!! But before I get there let's start with the beginning of my day
I had planned to have a 'girly' day with my friend Carol.  DH had planned to go fishing but then last night changed his men do!!
We had our usual cooked breakfast courtesy of DH on Sat mornings, then postie arrived with a pizza box, Sarah's Card kit with yummy stash, soon to finish in July :( Here is this month's kit, Pink Paislee - Priairie Hill.
 So off to The Craft Barn at Lingfield we went and here are the papers and stash I bought
 We fell into the coffee shop next door which is called The Browsers shop so..yes you can guess there were books and cards etc and..... here are 4 books I bought for the total of £1.60!!
 and some cards I needed for birthday and anniversary and a sympathy card too :(
A fab girlie day out and now home alone til 10pm as my footie DH is watching some of the footie finals at his friend's house and eating there tonight. Have opened a bottle of wine and cooking a SW curry dish which he would hate!


  1. What a nice day you had ! Lovely stash and I love your word interpretation for today ! x

  2. sounds like a lovely day you have had, sarahs kit looks great as usual and some lovely stash you have bought.

  3. What a haul, just lovely, you will enjoy the stash! xx

  4. It does sound like a wonderful day full of lots of goodies and GREAT books too!!!!

  5. I really like Anita Shrive, and Wedding in December is a really nice read, she makes you want to find out more about all the characters.. x