Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 129 - PRICKLY and some old scrapping LO's for March and April

This is a nine piece jigsaw swap we did at our retreat. The topic was handicrafts
This LO was my March class with Anita M. 
At our retreat we all had a kit and this was my LO that I did at the weekend away
We had a whole day learning about distressing techniques and made this little booklet showing all the techniques on tags
Day 129 
Day129 word for a photo was PRICKLY! I have spent all day thinking about all the prickly people I know but not a good idea to show a photo of a prickly person!!I then thought of all the plants in our garden that are prickly and have done a photo collage below
I am very tired today, we had an excellent birthday meal for my friend and didn't get to bed until after midnight! An early night tonight with a good book!


  1. great layouts and lovely to see the finished jigsaw. Enjoy your early bed and book!

  2. Gorgeous layouts- I love the class that you did with Anita.

    Great photos for prickly- I've had to cheat today and use a photo in a book!

  3. I absolutely love our best friends LO.
    Yes to a meeting with you and Viv of course !! It would need a bit of organization though so hubby is not traveling and can look after the dogs.

  4. lovely to see the jigsaw pieces at last! love the pages too - especially the pink one, very pretty x

  5. Just been catching up with all your photos and LOs, great work Lynn and your photographs are fab too.