Sunday, 27 May 2012


Gosh I could have found a lot of photos of unfinished things in my house, especially embroidery, scrapping projects and albums unfinished LOL! The ironing half done today, board up and the crops I wanted to iron done but the rest of the ironing...unfinished
Anyway we left church early today to finishe tidying up the garden but at the last minute I cut a bush which was hanging over the path and left the clearing up to later, so job, UNFINISHED!!
 Cannot remember if I showed you the plants and toms ready to pot yesterday? Forgive me as yesterday went passed in a bit of a blur :( Anyway they are all done and in situ.
 Our front garden is full of poppies at the moment, just love the show of red colour but when they have flowered the bed looks such a mess so we are thinking of removing them at the end of their flowering and just having a bed of roses, really not sure if I want to lose my poppies now they are flowering!!
Have spoken to Sue's girls in Canada and her funeral is next Sat 2nd June, she would have loved to know it was Jubilee weekend as she was such a royalist. She was born in Cornwall and went to Canada for a year's exchange in 1968 where she met her husband and stayed for the rest of her life.


  1. lynne, i think its a theme of having unfinished jobs for us all isnt it. Pleased you have spoken to sue's daughters, will be thinking of you next weekend.

  2. Your garden looks beautiful. We have some yellow poppies that have seeded themselves in the front garden- and would love to have a small spot for them- rather than where they want to grow!!!!!

    I will also be thinking of you over the weekend.

  3. I like theforget-me-nots and the poppies, a nice wild look, keep them!

    Ahh, Sue must have loved Canada and her life a lot, it's a big deal to leave here and settle somewhere else.. x

  4. The Jubilee week-end will make Sue proud ! Actually I have my birthday on that wek-end so there will be lots of celebration and I can pretnd they are for me !