Sunday, 13 May 2012


Following on from playing with a photo of myself, I have chosen to do the same with my Mum today. She died in 1978 3 years after my dad, aged 63, younger than I am now LOL!!
I need to get out in the garden, the first time this year and help DH. it is a beautiful day with clear blue skies, will be back later when DH goes to bowls


  1. Nice picture Lynne, and don't they get more precious as you get older, I remember having no family nostalgia as a teen! Have great day, sun here too! K x

  2. She was such a beautiful woman Lynne and you can see the goodness of her heart on her face.
    We had a gorgeous start of a day, getting a bit covered now, but still warm enough to mess around outside. xx

  3. She looks lovely- my photo is going to be of my mum later when we go over to see them. So mine will be a late blog entry today.

    It was really sunny here earlier- we managed to get the lawn cut. But then I wanted to go shopping and when we got back it's too overcast- so I'm not too popular!

  4. Mum's are so precious. One of big regrets is that I spent several years not getting on with mine. So glad that is all in the past.

  5. lovely photo of your mum, hope you managed to get into the garden