Wednesday, 16 May 2012


 Sorry I didn't blog yesterday but spent a long time thinking about the strangers we meet daily and whether by looking at them we know anything about them?
I looked back through my photo files last night since I decided during the day it was impossible to take a random photo of a stranger, [easier on holiday!] Now I have just read Suzie's notes on taking photos of strangers LOL!!
This was our waiter who served us everynight on our cruise. I have altered the photo again in Picasa.
What do I know about him?

  • Came from the Phillipines
  • Sends money back to his family
  • Could be charming
  • Could be moody
Sadly today I do not remember his name or anything else about him!!
A strange day weather wise we had blue skies and rain clouds all day until I picked DGC  Zac up from school and then this was the sky at 3.30pm. From then on we sky got darker and it poured with rain fro the rest of the day!
 I had a lovely day with Xanthe and here she is the budding artist.She is now stringing words together and chatting such a lot and becoming quite a 'pickle' LOL!!
 I didn't recognise Zac when he came out of school!! He is now the proud owner of glasses for reading and for TV. He loves them and so do I!


  1. great photo lynne of your waiter. Xanthe and Zac are growing so much, so nice that Xanthe is enjoying her art and Zac looks great in his glasses.

  2. Dramatic sky Lynne, strange weather altogether yesterday.
    Love the pictures of Xanthe should make for a good layout. bless Zac in his new glasses