Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 149 - TOOLS

Gosh a photo of tools today! Well I have tools for everything. Cleaning, decorating (not that we do that anymore LOL!!), cooking. writing, emailing, printing etc, etc!!
Anyway DH came home today with a new dustpan and brush.... not for indoors but for the garden!!
 Since today has been another garden day again in glorious hot sunshine I chose to take a photo of the tools I have used today, left tonight in the little raised veggie bed for another day!
 Since Anne is always showing us such wonderful photos from her park, thought I would show you the weeds I detest the most that seem to have taken a hold in my garden :(
The garlic bulb which is profuse at the moment and leave a stem or anything behind and it will re produce, I have to tackle this yet!!
 and of course the dandelion which I think will eradicate the wild grass and swamp our gardens in the next few years, Have you ever looked at the roadsides recently? They are in abundance!! I pinch off their heads if they appear before digging them out, this one has been eradicated now before the seeds flew away!!


  1. I love the idea of a raised veggie bed! I do love to see dandelion heads- although I admit I would prefer they weren't in my garden. But mine seem to be doing really well this year!!!!!!

  2. The garlic bulb looks so pretty and the dandelion too. Without them you wouldn't have shown these gorgeous pictures ! xx

  3. you have been busy in the garden, lovely photos

  4. Such lovely photos, Lynne. I'm like you, I love wild flowers, especially dandelions but NOT in my garden. could you use the wild garlic in the kitchen?