Sunday, 20 May 2012


Where did today go to? After church this morning a preped dinner, then DH had a bowls match and I went to my craft room and tackled the first of 3 CJ's that I received last week. I have finished one and it is all packed up to post tomorrow, 2 more to do this week!! Tonight we chilled out and watched TV so I have only just got online to blog at bedtime!!
As I saw the word for today I immediately thought, I do not do 'minimal'!! I always pack for 'just in case'. Hate the weight restrictions for baggage when flying and a car on holiday is always full. For the Lakes a few weeks ago I had 6 assortment of coats and jackets just for myself and 6 pairs of shoes, yet only wore my walking shoes, a couple of prs in the evenings and one jacket and sleeveless fleece!!
I hate scrapping with 'white space' and live in clutter in my office and all work tops in the kitchen and bedroom are full of things I need! Tidy but busy.
Finally I realised that at the moment our lounge walls and hall walls are bare (though not for long as we decide which pictures to put back!!)
So here are 2 photos for minimalist

 and here is the old wall showing some of the pictures  before the decorating. I took this photo to remember where they all went! They are mainly paintings and photos from places we have visited on holidays, I am missing them not being on the walls at the moment! The other end of the wall has photo collages of the family growing up every few years, they like seeing them!
It is late tonight so apologies to you all whose blogs I go to, will pop in later tomorrow...promise xx


  1. Very good take on the prompt ! x

  2. another one here who doesnt do 'minimal', great way to show minimalist though and hope you get your pictures back on the walls soon

  3. Lynne, I'm not minimilist either. You room is really mimimilist at the moment.