Thursday, 17 May 2012

Day 138 - GROUP

Thought I would introduce you to all our family in one group today as my day 138 photo! It was taken 2 years ago as we celebrated our Silver Wedding Ann.
I have named them all. My sons are Mark and Iain. Iain's partener is Perdita and their children are Zac and Xanthe. Peter's children are Alun married to Sara and their children Tom and Mat and Jo and her children Amie and Lewis 
 Well it is lovely today and not too cold either but I am still in my dressing gown LOL!!
I have spent the morning learning something new. I am tech phobic but try to keep up and so today I tried to get some camera photos taken yesterday onto my laptop but the phone card is too tiny to put in my laptop  and I had no leads...then I remembered the word bluetooth so I found it on my computer and then on my phone, finally 2 hrs later connected them both and voila! Here are the photos from my camera taken by Zac and by me. You certainly learn something new each day don't you!!


  1. Such beautiful photos Lynne. Thank you for sharing them with us. You have a lovely family !
    As of your technical experience, LOL, you will see when you read my blog we were both pretty busy !!! xx

  2. Lovely photos- the group one must be a real treasure.

    I'm having trouble getting to grips with my new phone which is really frustrating me. For some reason I thought that even though I'm a technophobe aswell- I'd be able to manage this phone when it came. I just need to wait for Amy to be in a good mood and ask if she'll set it up and then explain it to me!

  3. A very happy looking group!

  4. Lynne, How lovely to see all your family.
    You are really clever working out the photos. I wouldn't know where to start.

  5. great photos lynne, nice to see all the family. Well done on the technology, i dont have a clue about bluetooth, lol

  6. It's amazing isn't it that videos had a wire remote only 25 years ago and now look at us all.. pals on the net with people we never met! Brilliant!