Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Day 137 - CANDID

Well I looked the word CANDID up this morning nd the dictionary says
Candid Camera and Photograph - taking informal pictures of persons, frequently without their knowledge
So I scrolled through my files and found loads but here is a selection
1. Xanthe just before Christmas (note the Panatonne) caught trying to get at Nanny's make up and anything else she could find!!
2. Here I am caught on candid camera searching under the Christmas tree. This photo was put on Facebook by my Dstep D!! Don't think I was searching for a present for me as it looks as though most presents had been given out!!

 3. My friend Carol and another friend looking as if they need a pair of glasses between them LOL!!
 4. Don't even know if DH knows I have this photo but always at Christmas he finds a hat that someone has been given and tries it on. looks as if he has forgotten he has it on as he watches TV!!


  1. great set of photos love the needing glasses and the hat ones especially. Peter's face in that one is a picture in itself

  2. I love the photo with you and your friend in need of glasses, lol.

  3. I love all your photos, Lynne, especially the one where you are "looking for your presents" under the tree

  4. they are great photos lynne. I forgot to say, i loved yesterdays sky photo you took too.