Sunday, 16 February 2014

15th and 16th Feb - More shapes

Well as I promised Joy more views of our finished room. We put the bedlinen on today :) Then I sat on the bed so it looks as if it needs ironing!!

Sat shape - Diamond 
Yes I own diamonds!! 
Sun shape - Random  Plenty of shapes in Egypt, this was part of a floor pattern
What a horrible week of storms and gales we have had and terrible stories daily on the news of flood victims. Today we had glorious weather blus skies and sunshine all day and washing hung on the line which actually dried!!
Wednesday we took a ride out to thw R Rother and Brede and took these photos. Rather a lot but a record of the floods in 2014!
First we went down to the seafront n hour before high tide

 This was the car park at Bodiam Castle


  1. Your room is beautiful. I like the blue walls. It is a nice contrast with the white bedcover. Wow, the sea looks so angry still! And the flooding, oh my. Hopefully it will all get better soon.

  2. Your room is great I only noticed the carpet because you mentioned it and it looks OK.
    Fantastic photos. This is a Winter we are not going to forget in a hurry.

  3. well done with the bedroom, it looks lovely. Gorgeous rings too

  4. Excellent post!
    Bravo for your room - it is really beautiful!
    You have wonderful hands and great heart!They deserve diamonds! Smile!
    In contrast America and the UK, we had a very soft and warm winter this year.
    Thank you, dear Lynne!

  5. The room looks hood and the carpet is fine! I forgot to do a diamond picture! I use go link some flood pictures into my blog for the future! It is quite amazing the water xx