Sunday, 9 February 2014

7th, 8th and 9th February - Advertising and Blog story and Digital or print?

 What dreadful weather the SW W and S UK are having and anyone living nr rivers. for us we have had high winds and rain daily. last night we had very high winds and the rain lashed down all night. today we had once again sun/rain/hail throughout the day!! I do feel for those in flood areas, will it ever stop? I pray so.
Fri 7th Feb - Power of Advertising
Well I really take no notice of TV advertising, that is when we turn the sound to mute and do things!! Newspapers and magazines really don't tempt me much either, BUT online I surf and get interested. Our next holiday is becos I surfed for friends a holiday in Cyprus! I found this site through Travelzoo
and clicked through the photos......
and found the 50% off price and we were SOLDon the holiday :) We go on 13th April for 1 week :)
Sat 8th - My Blog story
Not sure what this means? I started a blog in feb 2009  with a challenge, I really started blogging in 2010 and more regularly in 2013 I see it as a diary for my family in the future!
Sun 9th Feb - Digital or print?
Interestingly I have found all these photos and negatives before I bought a digital camera and now keep all my photos online. Having sorted the cupboards in our spare room and put all my photo albums in order these albums also stop in 2004. 10 years ago!! I am thinking about starting to print and make up more albums as the family just love looking at them rather than look on my computer

Now to tell you how we are getting on with spare room DIY!! We are left with 1 wall to decorate and then the ordered beds can arrive!
I spent the afternnon gluing all the seams that had dried out over the years!! This wall is where we will put the truckle bed. We are getting used to the bright blue walls that turned out darker than the paint we bought!


  1. I have so many photos that need to go into albums. Before I started scrapbooking they were always up to date!!!!!!! I am trying to keep a Project Life album up to date this year- so hoping that will be an easy way to look at the years key photos.

  2. I like both forms, digital and print but I have run out of room for the printed ones. I live looking at the real thing though. The spare room is coming right along. What is a "truckle" bed?

  3. 50% off is a bargain well done! I live the blue x

  4. Your spare room is coming on a treat. Well done on finding that holiday. I know you'll enjoy it.