Monday, 17 February 2014

17th Feb - New Challenge week - WINDOWS

  • Monday ... my favourite view through a window
  • Tuesday ... Shop or large building window
  • Wednesday ... Modern windows
  • Thursday ... Traditional window
  • Friday ... Ornate window
  • Saturday ... Small window
  • Sunday... a Window of Opportunity (may be easier to write about than photograph!)

MON  Here is my   photo through my bedroom much earlier than I would normally be up!! Not my favourite view but one I wanted to take today before I saw this week's cahllenge!!

30mins later we had no sun and grey skies looking like rain. Later we had warmer and brighter weather. At 11am it was 11C  It has turned colder  this afternoon :(


  1. Beautiful sunrise. I don't see too many of those myself. LOL I am not morning person.

  2. Nice photo! Great sunrise!

  3. Yep me too.. not up very early .. well about five minutes after I should be usually.. good of you to catch it Lynn x