Sunday, 2 February 2014

2nd February - View of my feet

No shoes or slippers (which I always wear indoors) I never wear socks and always have nail polish on summer or winter!!
Today was my youngest son Iain's birthday. There are 7 days between the two son's birthdays. He is now 38! Jo seemed to find the camera and didn't stop clicking! There were 29 photos to download and here is a collage of a few photos after lunch this afternoon
I am a happy bunny tonight as we have just booked our 1st 2014 holiday! 7 days in N Cyprus in April :) Perhaps we will see some sun?


  1. Great post Lynne!
    Happy Birthday to your son!
    Very nice pictures!
    I am glad for your upcoming holiday in Cyprus. Great destination! It is wonderful that you are looking for sun.
    /Oh, I forgot - very sexy pedicure!/

  2. fab pics.. and cute toes.. lovely,. I bet you did joint parties when they were kids, my two eldest are 3 days apart.. x

  3. Lovely photos Lynne and a great natter this afternoon.

  4. happy belated birthday to iain. lovely photos!