Tuesday, 25 February 2014

25th February - S shape

I immediately thought about rivers for this shape and nr us we have the R Cuckmere meandering to the sea. Alas my photos are somewhere on a disc but not the computer so then I remembered this photo!
Taken from the plane window looking down on Snake river,Wyoming after our stay in Jackson Hole. A good example of the river meandering in the valley with if I remember my geography correctly oxbow lakes!!

It was good to sea Anne blogging yesterday and see one of her shots on her walk with one of her doags and her news.

I must remember to also publish news during these challenges too!  So here are our 1st daffodils in our garden yesterday
Last week we had a Valentine meal for all our friends feb birthdays (3 of them) Here was our table set for the meal. A red rose and bubble bath heart for the lady and chocs for the men :)


  1. That river view is fantastic. I can see you love entertaining. Your table is lovely. Our daffs are just poking their heads out of the soil at the moment

  2. I have been noticing the daffs too, maybe they are sent just to give us hope that winter won't last forever!
    I love that you have pals round, and I really do love views from the planes, a Geography A level girl you see!

  3. Excellent, dear Lynne - great post!
    Thank you!