Monday, 24 February 2014

24th February - New Lucky 7 challenge week - SHAPES IN THE ENVIROMENT

Before I start this week's I need to blog the last challenge from yesterday.
Window of opportunity
After suddenly leaving collage last May half way through a BTEC course to work with only 1 GCSE and not finding employment to date except a temp job over the Christmas period and not really trying hard to find a job all these months..... Our grandaughter has a real window of opportunity last week and we were so delighted with her having this opportunity to 
a) be offered a job she would love working with horses as a groom
b) good prospects for the future. They were race horses which they race sometimes in Dubai
c) very good money with live in position
Sadly she has let herself and family down badly by giving up the job within 2 days as she found the work too hard, didn't like be told what to do and wanted her comfy bed. She will be 18 in 3 weeks time! Wonder when she will learn life is tough and not a bed of roses at times!!  Any way enough said!!

This week Kathi has used an idea from Viv. So thank you both of you xx
  • Monday ... Semi Circle
  • Tuesday .. 'S' shape
  • Wednesday ... Trapezium (definitely a 'roof' one today)
  • Thursday ... Star
  • Friday ... a Grid
  • Saturday ... 'H' shape
  • Sunday .. Cones
These are the ideas where to find the shapes
  • Tree
  • River / stream
  • Roof /Building
  • Chimney pot
  • Garden planter
  • Clouds
  • Hills
  • Sunshine
Mon - semi circle from the red arrows (planes) performing over Hastings one Summer


  1. Great example! We have had gray overcast skies since last week.