Friday, 14 February 2014

10th - 14th Feb - New Challenge Week - Shapes

This week Kathi has gone for SHAPES for the week
Mon Square/ Rectangle
Tues - Circle
Wed - Triangle
Thurs - Sphere/oval
Fri - heart
Bed arrived today and DS2 came up trumps and came over and put the two beds flatpacked up in 2 hours, photos tomorrow

Here is the finished room yesterday. The photo looks as though we should have had a new carpet it is blue! ...but we are not having one!! to be honst now the bed is in situ we can hardly see any carpet!!


  1. your new room looks great. hope you aren't too effected by flooding

  2. I should think you are really pleased you have finished the guest room.
    I love every choice you have made for your shapes.

  3. Your room looks great! Take another picture at another angle please!

    1. I will joy when we move the step ladders and other junk on the otherside of the room on Sun :)

  4. You have been busy .. I am a bit behind so it was good to see several of your pics together xx

  5. well done with the room and the shape photos

  6. Excellent catch up! Great photos!
    Well done with the room!