Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Day 67 - FLOOR

DH and I have been out all day so I text a friend re the photo prompt as we drove this morning to Eastbourne to a larger B&Q, for our lounge emulsion paint and wallpaper for our hall. DH thought I meant 'flaw' when I told him the word LOL !!
Well we then went to the cinema pm to see The Exotic Marigold Hotel, a really funny,enjoyable feel good film and hen tonight I had housegroup meeting and totally forgot about the photo until 10mins ago!!
Instead of another photo of marley tiles, I thought I would take a photo of our landing floor which has now been without carpet since the end of January. The hall in now a work in progress so slowly we are getting there!!


  1. You'll have a great record of your house when all the work is done!

    I'd love to see that film.

  2. Poor Lynne. That's what my landing also looked like after the water damage.