Saturday, 10 March 2012

Day 70 - PLANT

It is has been a beautifu; warm spring like day today but I haven't been outside! I have been busy prepping for retreat I am going on in 2 weeks time. I am getting excited!!
So my plant today is not from the garden but my kitchen which is still OK! These 2 poinsetta's seem oblivious to all the house problems and continue to flourish since mid Dec. One from M&S and the smaller one from a prison where my DstepS is an officer and the inmates grew these last year!


  1. Gorgeous looking plant, Lynne !

  2. thats gorgeous, ours is quite a few years old and hasnt much red on it

  3. I don't normally do very well with poinsettias and have to treat them like a christmas decoration- but this years plant is particularly 'hardy' and is still going strong!