Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Day 304 - QUIRKY

Well I looked this word up this morning as although I use this word occasionally I hadn't a clue what to take a photo of!! After seeing the words. odd, weird I remembered the 'weird presents one friend often gives me with a laugh, I usually don't laugh and think how weird they are!!

This website might be of interest too!! http://pinterest.com/maryk818/quirky-quotes/ Amazing where that woman gets all those quotes from!!

Well here are photos of some of my gifts
This was a photo taken in 2010 when we the 365ers did our 'pet' challenge I had a dog called Clemmie!! I think the gift was a feather duster!!

Here is a wine glass which is rather large even for me! An ice scrapper for our car and a nutmeg grater, All rather quirky!


  1. These gifts are amazing, Lynne. Like the scrapper for the car. Oh and the quotes are fabulous. I had a terrible headache all day so I found my quirky quote : ' I already want to take a nap tomorrow ". xx

  2. You've certainly got some quirky friends, Lynne. I hope we can now be included with them.

  3. great gifts, the ice scraper is very cute :)

  4. I think they are great, the scraper is my favourite :) xxx

  5. Quirky indeed but I love the nutmeg grater and the feather duster too.