Thursday, 25 October 2012

France for 4 days DAYS -296 - 298 and Day 299

Hi we are back after a fab time with friends, an Indian summer with temps between 22C - 20C and warm evenings too! and blue skies and sunshine. Lots of fun, food and wine too!! Yes Anne we love France!!

If you don't want to see all these photos skip now!!

Sunday 21st October we travelled on a new PO ferry ship. Usually we go via  the tunnel so going on the ferry was an experience we had forgotten!
 It had very few passengers

 We arrived in Calais at 4pm, it was dull and grey!!
Monday 22nd  Peter and David the following morning, a sunny day

Here is our B&B a really old farm house surrounded by 4 walls and a gated entrance 
WE spent the morning at the market and walked from the carpark past this window...guns for sale?!!! 
 Time for coffee, Dave and Linda enjoying the warm sunshine :)
 I have just bought some shoes in the market and wearing them!!
 We went to find a really old chateau nr Reims
The wonderful view as we ate our lunch in the chateau grounds
 end of lunch
 This was the floor in the hall of the chateau
 Liquid refreshment on our waqy back to the B&B!!
 A pub with it's own brewery in St Pol before we had our evening meal!

 DAY 297 - FAMILY PORTRAIT had to do this on our return. I took the idea from Suzie
This is about a portrait of Peter and I...., for me laptop, camera and red wine! For Peter, trout fishing, bowls and music
Tuesday 23rd October in Reims
 we visited the area called Les Hortillages

 We then went to a site where a whole battalion from New Foundland Canadian Battalion at Beaumont- Hemel, died in the 1st world war
The memorial site had a Cariboo statue on the top. It was very moving

 Our roads took us through rich agricultural farmland, These were definitely not potatoes but what are they?
We even found poppies in the Somme area
 They were beautiful
 We ate our last night in a hotel restaurant, here linda is catching up on her diary!
 Dave and I
 24th October on our way back to Calais, typical roads in rural France 

DAY 298 - FREE CHOICE - I did 2 photos 
Shopping in Lidls's St Pol sur Ternoise
 In our car about to get off the ferry at Dover
DAY 299 - HEART WARMING I received lots of photos today of the wedding which took place before my friend Sue died. Her daughter Michelle had a private wedding on 28th December 2011 in Sue's living room whilst Sue was still alive and then had at her actual wedding a blessing in August after Sue died and the actual wedding meal


  1. beautiful photos lynne, looks like France had glorious sunshine. The last photo of the wedding is very heartwarming.

    Is the crop you found called sugarbeet??

  2. Glad to have you back and that you had such a fantastic time in France. You were pretty lucky with the weather because very often north of France has the same dull weather as us here in the south...
    The wedding photo is so moving and can bring such nice memories.xx

  3. Ahhh Lynne, this entry is the reason we must all stay in touch next year, even if it is less than daily, so good to see your pics and hear your news. I love those French rural roads, haven't been often but got a taste for it.. not so much P&O ferries though, we had a van and they put us on the haulage run, nothing open bar the truckers cafe!

    I am so touched by the last picture, so so pignant and yes, heartwarming xxx
    PS Thanks for your lovely comments and for JB..x

  4. Gorgeous photos! Excellent!
    I saw them in detail!
    Many thanks for sharing this with us!
    You are awesome!