Saturday, 20 October 2012

Day 294 - B&W PORTRAIT

Here are my black and white portait photo for today
I caught Zac coming out of school wearing his new glasses, I had never seen him in glasses before!
 I think changing or taking B&W portrait photo is more successful!

I am busy decided what to pack for tomorrow, the weather forecast in France in the area we are going seems dry, sunny and much warmer than it has been this week!!

Here is the link for making the monkey sock for those who were interested :)

May manage to blog before we leave at lunchtime tomorrow!


  1. What a sweet photo of Zac, I love it ! Have a great time in France and thanks for the monkey sock link, I am going to make one (... if I ever find the time, lol !)

  2. Great photo. Have a lovely trip :) xx

  3. lovely photo of Zac in his new glasses. Have a lovely time in France.

  4. Congratulations magnificent portrait! Congratulations!
    And next weekend - in Bulgaria!

  5. What a cutie.. Have a great trip.. X