Thursday, 4 October 2012


I bought this top for my holiday and didn't notice until I put it on that the pattern was NOT symmetrical!! I hate the fact it isn't so have never worn it, but had taken all the labels off so couldn't return it to the shop :(
 My scrapping yesterday was doing a CJ which got posted pm and starting the WC which is still at this stage on my desk, I know what I am going to do tonight when peter goes to choir. This afternoon is that horrible ironing which I do not like doing, when I worked I had a cleaning lady and she did our ironing!!
                                   The CJ before I posted it. It was called "The best of Nature"


  1. what a shame about the top. I meant to tell richard there was some ironing to do, but I forgot- so it will be my job tomorrow. Enjoy your scrapping time.

  2. It looks like a charity shop is going to get a donation.
    I've also got some ironing to do after the hols. Might get it done tonight.

  3. I think it's lovely top and you should try it. Symmetrical is boring ! xxx

  4. I don't mind ironing, but kind of on my terms.. Not too big a pile and it looks so neat when done.. But beware anyone who crumples thier pile when they take them upstairs! Have got half way through my blog ref FBk. Hope you can find me.. X

  5. I keep thinking about doing a CJ but not sure if I could cope with having to do it on time. Yours looks lovely.