Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Day 305 - FEAR

I thought at first I would use Halloween and discuss my feelings on celebrating this but after talking about fear with Peter as we went out for the day we both have the same fear, illness and hospital! I have never been in hospital except to have 2 children so I suppose I am very fortunate at 67 but since I have never experienced it my fear is growing and I just hope I die before ever experiencing this!!

 Peter's other fear is how I spend money (but it is only money we have got) His fear is that one day we won't have any, well I say "we came with nothing and we leave with nothing"!!
Here I am outside Dunelm today in lovely sunshine
 The is the boot of our car with scrapping stuff, tablecloths Christmas presents for several members of the family and a TV for my craft room with 15% off with DD's discount card and £62 saved in points all year :)

No photos as blogger is messing around and won't allow me to upload any more photos and I am out tonight so haven't time to mess around,


  1. Well I hope too that you and Peter don't need to go to hospital. Hope you have a nice night out. xxx

  2. You have done well avoiding hospital :) Have a nice evening. xxx

  3. I can understand that fear, well done at dunelm mill- sounds like a good shopping trip. Enjoy your evening.

  4. Roland has the same fear as Peter. I agree with you about not being able to take it with you as well as that we have such a big family if we left anything nobody would get much. I like to spend it now on the children whilst they need it. Roland and I have decided we are going to live beyond our 80's so our health had better be good.

  5. I like your sentiments Lynne, and I have only had day case things in hospital, had my first baby there and then the other four at home! I don't fear them but don't like them much!
    I am about, just having probs with PC and tablet.. and my mojo, but I will return!!

  6. You are lucky you both are so healthy. I hope you always stay that way. I have been in the hospital more than enough for one person. My fear is what we call "Nursing Homes" where you go when you are too old or sick to live alone. You read and hear horror stories about them here.