Thursday, 18 October 2012

Group photos of 365ers/ Crumblies 2008 - 2012

1st meeting at Ally Pally April 2008

2nd meeting at Ally Pally Sept 2008
1st retreat at Oxford 2008 with Anna Bowkis
Meeting at Make and Take at Farnborough Feb 2009
2nd retreat  June 2009
Oxford 2010
3rd retreat for me(I missed one in April 2011)OCT 2011
4th retreat in Wilsthire March 2012
5th retreat Oct 2012 in Wiltshire


  1. Ahhh, that's so nice.. I just added our local scrapbook lady on FBk and I see she (Linda Knight, Just Scrapbooking) and you have some mutual FBk pals! I knew it was a tight world! xx

  2. Greetings! Amazing! Great pictures of you all!