Monday, 1 October 2012

Day 275 - WALL

A wet and wild day, a day to stay at WALL indoors? Many walls all wallpapered and very uninteresting. I thought about the invisible wall we sometimes have and use the word... "came up against a brick wall",  "hit a brick wall", no photo for that one today!
So sorry but been to my archives.
DGS Zac on a climbing wall, last day of school holidays
 and this wall when we had a holiday in Northumbria a few years ago now!!

I have sat choosing and planning this week's WC photos and sketch whilst we watch a Jodi Foster film this afternoon. I have loads of jobs to do but have decided it is one of those curl up and keep dry days that I can have in retirement, sorry for those working or with young children!! ...I do still have dinner to cook tonight, butternut squash risotto and the remains of the raspberry meringue roulade from yesterday1


  1. mmm, sounds like a snowed in day.. ahh, as you say, curl up and enjoy it.. you earnt it! K x

  2. Beautiful wall, it reminded me of Cornwall. Curl up is a good thing to do ! xxx

  3. Great wall picture. A good idea to curl up today. It is great when you can isn't it.

  4. great photo of Zac climbing. Hope you enjoyed your day indoors. We got the rain in the afternoon.

  5. We visited Hadrian's wall many years ago. Your photos bring it all back.

  6. Great photos of Hadrian's Wall, I would love to visit it.

    Don't apologise for curling up, you have earned it :D xxx

  7. Lovely photos and memories!
    /What is the movie with Jodie Foster?/