Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Day 2834 - BARREN

Another difficult word today!! Barren means infertile, vegetation unable or slow to grow
Well hopefully at my age I am now barren :) but in my garden that is overgrown it definitely is not barren!!
So had to look in my holiday photos Egypt or Montanta after the fires that we drove through!
Egypt and the desert we travelled through to Abu Simbal from the fertile Nile river won
The 'infertile' woman today!!

It was a fabulous day sunny and warm. Peter and I had one of our 'bonding days' which means a day out together. The day started at the cinema we visited last week in the village of Hawkhurst at the Kino cinema where at 10am we watched the new film The Sweeney. I thought it was brilliant and enjoyed it very much even though it was violent!! Probably cos it was British. Damien Hirst (Homelands was in it too!)
We then went into a pub for lunch and sat out in the gardens reading papers and then eating lunch as the photos show.
Tunbridge Wells was our next port of call to the shops and then afternoon tea and home via a garden centre.
Peter has gone to a bowls match and I blanched a load of runner beans for the freezer whilst the sun set.
Now I have to sort out what I am taking for our scrapping retreat on Fri for the weekend and finish another DLO I did at the crop on Sunday. I am getting very excited about my weekend away too!!
Here is a LO finished before we went out today. When we babysat for Zac and Xanthe last week Peter drove Mummy and Daddy to their party. Xanthe tried to stay up until Grandad came no avail!


  1. I thought of photo of me as well for the same reasons you used. Love your LO Xanthe looks so sweet.
    I work as a teaching assistant in a local infant school. I usually only do the breakfast club and mornings. I t suits me fine as it means I can get all the house work things done in the afternoon leaving evenings free. It's only a maternity cover position but I am hoping!!!

  2. love the layout of Xanthe, you have been quick scrapping the picture :) Lovely photos of you too, looks a nice sunny day.

  3. That LO is just perfect, the colors are gorgeous !

  4. Ahhh Lynne, it seems we are of the same mind, we saw the Sweeney the other day and enjoyed it so we took Col's Dad the next week! Such a lovely layout, so nice to mark moments which are not big events but are a joy to remember.. Love the random buttons and gems x

  5. Great photos Lynne. sounds like you and Peter had a great bonding day. They are so important aren't they?
    I also thought of me for the prompt for the same reason.
    Who are you having the scrapping weekend with?

  6. Enjoyed your post. Pictures and lay out. You are so very talented!

  7. Lynne, baby!
    I know - you would not believe -You did what I wanted, but I didn't!

    People are saying:
    One is to you want something, quite different to be able to do this thing. Third and fourth - do it!
    Excellent! Thank you so much for this post!
    Congratulations - wonderful pictures, great project!
    Amazing good mood!