Sunday, 28 October 2012

Day 302 - DARK

The clocks went back last night so we were awake at 7am, I clung to my snug bed til 8am reading and it looked so cold was when we went to church at 10am!!
I suppose I could wait until teatime to show how dark it is :(  but decided to find a photo of the interior of a large cathedral which always seems dark and gloomy, I actually hate looking at very large and old church interiors. This one was the catherdral at Reims that we took our friends to see. I have actually used Picasa to slightly darken the photo as the flash had shown it as quite bright LOL!!
I really hate the winter months, I should have emigrated to warm and sunny pastures years ago but would miss my England!! This particular week ahead is the worst for me
1 ending of summer time
2 Halloween, why do we have to follow the Americans and celebrate the pagan festival Halloween in such a big way? Even Strictly last night had the Halloween theme, we turned it off, (mind you I was feeling poorly)
3. Nov 5th with all those fireworks frightening animals, young children and ME!! Apart from the money spent on fireworks and parties
Well bar humbug is off to scrap for the afternoon and wait for the darkness to come


  1. sorry to hear you wont be enjoying this will soon be over. I too dont enjoy the winter months, but its the necessary evil to put up with until springtime :)

  2. The cathedral photo looks brilliant Lynne!
    I don't know many people enjoying winter months. I used to love them when I lived in Germany as we had snow and beautiful sunny cold days, skiing every week-end, only 1 hour away from home, but now in England, I do struggle to like it as rain replaces snow and when there is snow, because England isn't equipped it turns into absolute chaos. As Helen says, that's the price to pay to go back to spring.
    May be we should try to hibernate like big bears ??? xx

  3. I am one of the few people who don't actually mind the winter months and just to make myself really unpopular I quite enjoy the fireworks. I do however feel for people whose animals are as docile as our cat.
    I always love the stillness that comes with the dark in old churches although at the same time for every day worship I love ours which is lovely and bright.

  4. I really like the photo of this cathedral.
    Yes, the darkness slowly takes over the daylight hours. We need a good mood - a glass of red wine, cakes smell of cinnamon hot tea .. and loved ones.
    I wish you a pleasant day and a peaceful night!