Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Here I am in bed with a cuppa blogging before my day has really started!!
Today Peter is off fishing for the day and I have so many things to do, sorting spare room for a couple of hours, ironing and scrapping a CJ and WC. I wonder what will get done??? Can you guess?
At first I thought having read our daily photo prompt, what can I do? Then once more I have been through my photos for above and below and found many photos I could use in the end!
This ws my first choice a photo taken off the TV of the cruise ship disaster this year just before we were going cruising!
 Then I looked for someone or something above and showing below, here I am above the marina at Praia, Terceira Is, Azores
 I then remembered seeing this lady on the roadside in Madeira and the best photo fit I think for ABOVE and BELOW!


  1. Excellent student! Bravo, Linne! I like your photos!
    You are always very good ideas - what you put in your tea?
    Just kidding!
    Good day!

  2. Ahh Lynne, good choices, and you just prompted me to find one of our sealife pics.. thanks for the help! xx Nice holiday memories aren't they.. x

  3. well done on the prompt, hope you got lots of scrapping done today.

  4. Great photos, Lynne. Lovely memories of your holidays.
    Did you get your jobs done? I'll bet you got your scrapping done first.