Sunday, 28 October 2012

Day 301 - CROOKED

I didn't feel well yesterday an upset stomach started on coming home from our meal on Friday night until this morning so didn't post yesterday

I had 2 things in mind for crooked
This piece of drftwood we found on the beach in S Island NZ
and the box of wine full of crooked bottles from France still sitting in our hall
I wanted to compare our photos 27 yrs later from our wedding day!!

No I haven't shrunk, had high heels for wedding day!!


  1. lovely photos lynne hope you are feeling better today.

  2. Ahh I love old and new pics, you look lovely both times but especially relaxed now, you can tell you enjoy your days.. Ahah apart from the things which made you moan about this week!? :-)

  3. Nice pictures of you and Peter!