Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Day 290 - CEMENT

That was a shock this am to find that word, not an easy one first thing in the morning with just arriving home yesterday and Xanthe for the day today!!
As the day went on I thought about fixing - glue, putting together - glue, (can you see my scrappers hat?)
Then I went to bonding together materials or people? Cementing frindships early in life, Peter and I or very close friends?
I went for my 4 collage friends
Sadly Sue second from the R died this year. She was my roomie for 3 yrs at teacher training collage. 
Our friendship bonded (cemented) at 18yrs and for the last 49yrs we have remained very close friends picking up where we were at 18 when ever we met. Sue was the friend I cared for in Canada (where she had lived for the past 40years having gone to Canada for 1 yr exchanged and met her Canadian husband from whom she was divorced 15yrs ago)
Here we are in 1964. Sue has a cap on with big rollers curling her hair :) I am on the R! Happy memories
Thanks to Kathy Jo I am adding some informationa about our town Hastings we had a man called Sydney Little who was known as the Concrete King in the 1930's just adding some links here http://www.seasidehistory.co.uk/Sidney_little_hastings.html 
Wish I had thought about him earlier!!

Now before I finish today especially for Anne here are some skies as we came back yesterday

 and now today. I couldn't wait til christmas to introduce Charlie to Xanthe, so here they are meeting this morning

 He was busy watching me on UKS at one point
 and then Xanthe decided he was hungry and need some marmite and toast!!
I am going to play catch up on TV tonight and see how many blogs I can read, will try to comment but cannot promise :(


  1. Great idea for cement. Love the photos of xanthe and sock monkey

  2. What a beautiful story to cherish !
    What a gorgeous sky! Thank you ! xx

  3. LOvely photos- how great to have had such a lovely group of close friends.

    I have fallen in love with your sock monkey- he's gorgeous!

  4. Ahh I love how you have still got friends from your college days. I live close to several pals from sixth form but somehow we didn't grow together quite enough, I think it happens when you marry and the men are different!:-)

  5. I think you are going to have to give us a class on making Charlie. I think he is gorgeous.
    I will show you how to make a quillow if you show me how to make a Charlie. xxx How about that.

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