Friday, 26 October 2012


Wow day 300 and sadly only 66 days more of this challenge left!
 I agree with everyone left doing this challenge that I too would like to continue next year with a weekly challenge that we all take turns in giving the prompts during the year.

Todays word was orange, not a colour to be found in my house!  We don't eat oranges and I don't wear the colour either. OK we have an orange sim card kept solely for orange Wednesdays (2 for 1 at the cinema)

I went to meet my friend Carol for coffee this morning in Sainsburys and voila!(do you like the french Anne?!!)and  there was my orange photos!!
It is a wet and miserable day here in SE England so glad to be home for the day. Peter is playing indoor bowls this lunchtime and then we will open our wedding anniversary cards when he comes in and we are going out for a meal tonight with friends. We have been married 27 yrs today :) I was 40 and he was 50yrs old!


  1. How ideal Sainsburys is for Orange !!! Well done.
    Congratulations on your wedding Anniversary, Lynne.
    It's a miserable day here too. Stay warm and enjoy your special day. xxx

  2. Congratulations on your wedding Anniversary, Lynne!
    Great orange mood!

  3. Happy wedding anniversary Lynne and Peter. Well done on the orange photos, looks like plenty of orange in sainsburys.

  4. Happy wedding anniversary to you both.

    Sainsburys was perfect for today's prompt!

  5. Happy Anniversary, you always sound so good together.. And it's lovely you can take these trips and do stuff.. Xx

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  7. Happy Anniversary Lynne and Peter. Hope you have a great evening.
    I need to catch up with your blogs to see how you enjoyed your holiday. I'ts been a bit manic for me this week.
    I'm really pleased I could help you catch up.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a wonderful day. Love all the pictures!