Saturday, 6 October 2012


More about the net huts here and 2 more photos as someof you were interested.

and one more collage of our town that I am sure you all read in the national news. The end of our Victorian pier. All locals what ever age had memories of the pier, tea dances Easter bonnet parades, Jazz sessions etc
and now to Peak or Valley. Gosh I have loads of these from all our holidays , the most recent being the lake District this year but chose instead The Grand Tetons when we went to a 5 day American wedding in 2004
 we even went on Snake River seen in the foreground
 Here we are above Teton Village with the highest peak above my head, a wonderful holiday and wedding too!
We woke to rain once more but already there are white clouds and blue sky plans for me today but a birthday meal with our 12 friends to celebrate my birthday 3 weeks ago!! Several take holidays in September so this was the first date that everyone could do!!


  1. lovely photo of you and Peter, Lynne. Enjoy your meal.

  2. Beautiful photos Lynne, thank you. i remember the pier now ! What a pity ! xxx

  3. Great photos Lynne, that looks a fab holiday.

    Thanks for the info on the net houses. xxx

    Enjoy your birthday again :)

  4. The net huts are fascinating. Now those are peaks, nothing as high as that in the Lake District. Enjoy your biirthday celebrations.

  5. Well Lynne it is still raining hard up here. I love the peaks of the fishermans huts and your holiday photos are beautiful.

  6. Beautiful photos, Lynne!
    Thank you!
    /Now I will read for hugs./