Monday, 8 October 2012


A wet miserable day and have been out nearly all day too, shopping then a lovely lunch with a friend, then school run to pick up Zac from school today and bring him back to our house, we are now waiting for Mummy to pick him up.
I knew the photo I would take when I got home and here it is, a part of the garden we still have to tackle
Under the willow tree that Peter gives a no 1 haircut every Autumn
It certainly looks ready for a haircut!!
As I came out of our patio door to take my photos I spied this wet cobweb between the railing!


  1. I love your willow tree, Lynne, but it would be huge wouldn't it if Peter didn't keep it trimmed.
    Great photos, I love the spiders web.

  2. Stunning photo of the spiders web.

  3. looks a lovely willow tree and well done on the spiders web.

  4. What a beautiful spider web !

  5. Beautiful cobweb and the willow is looking super :) xxx

  6. What a beautiful autumn you have!
    Wonderful that you've made such great photos - really artistic. Greetings!
    /I've always wanted to be able to photograph such a wet spiders web. It is very rare - if it exists - then I have no camera!/
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog!

  7. Great photos all of them.. sometimes the rai does leave nice effects!