Thursday, 1 November 2012

Day 306 - TREE again

It has been a strange day weather wise, blue skies very large rain clouds so heavy rain showers at times and fluffy white clouds too! Here we are returning home early afternoon from having had pedicures at the farm.
Here is the house again, roof all finished and now inside and outside walls being done
Here is the same tree now at the end of Autumn and not been trimmed yet thank goodness!! You can see the wet ground yet a lovely clear blue sky in the west, think the clouds where coming from the sea today!
I was up early this am scrapping. I am making several mini books like the one that I made in 2011 at a Cardinal Colours retreat

 Here is a collage of the mini album I made then. The cardstock I am using now is black and vanilla with some lush purple/ silver papers


  1. Gosh that mini is lovely :) The farm has come along well too :)

    OK, I'll try and find you on UKS, I don't think Kathi is on there either, but I could email her to keep her in the loop.

  2. Oh Wow that's a gorgeous mini book, Lynne, love it !

  3. love the punch and mini book.

  4. Love the mini book. I hope to start scrapping after I retire at the end of January.