Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Day 326 - CROWD

Well I try and avoid crowds so never go to town events where there are crowds!
I thought about the saying " two's company, three's a crowd" So more than 2 things can be a crowd !!
I think our 2 cats would agree with that this morning, ......mind you perhaps they left room for Peter?
Anyway I then looked for a crowd photo I took off our local TV when the Olympic torch came to Hastings
Today was a wet and grey day and we went to the cinema this afternoon and saw the latest Bond film Skyfall.  I enjoyed it and it was my first Bond film that I have ever seen!!
We came home via our sea front and luckily caught the sun setting at 4.05pm!! Here is our poor burnt out pier silhouetted against the sky. The town has won a generation bid to rebuild it.
a couple more photos then the sun disappeared behind low lying clouds but the clouds in the sky became a beautiful pink colour


  1. Love your little cats, they look so peaceful !
    What a gorgeous sky ! We surely didn't see that, lol !
    Haven't seen Skyfall yet, but surely would like, I adore James Bond. Just the " My name is Bond, James Bond" makes my day ! xxx

  2. lovely photos. The cats look great and well done on the cinema.

  3. I used the saying even before I read your post so again great minds think alike.
    Your sunset photos are beautiful.

  4. Great photos of the sunset We went to see Skyfall today (11/21) as well. Good movie! Don't want to give anything away in case others haven't seen it but I thought the end was very fitting.

  5. Very beautiful pictures - wonderful mood!
    / Thanks for the comment on my blog.
    I think my problem is in the blog - where I I can not post pictures, but I can write. I have to make a subscription - I must pay.../??/

  6. Such amazing photos Lynne, well done on capturing them and thanks for sharing.
    Skyfall was brilliant wasn't it, for a 'boys' film!