Saturday, 10 November 2012

Day 315 - WARM

Spent this morning in town with Peter, breakfast in BHS and meal deals in M&S which we will eat tonight and tomorrow so an easy weekend for cooking :)
This afternoon I have scrapped and watched 2 films as well!! Wild about Harry and then The Accidental Witness on TV. I have actually finished another mini book ready for covers and then photos and embellies!
Now downstairs and Peter home so we will settle forStrictly and then the Remembrance  Service at the Albert Hall. Some friends actually went to the service this pm which was recorded by the BBC.

I am really warm this evening!!!
No seriously the dial is normally at 18/20C!!!


  1. lol at the temp, you would be very warm at 30!
    Love the look of the mini book, sounds like a great afternoon.

  2. LOL at the temp too. I am the chilly type but by 29 degrees inside, I would be kind of dying !
    Love your mini books. Any chance you do a tutorial ???? Have a great evening too, xxx

  3. Love the look of your minibook. I am a cold person so that temp would probably suit me.

  4. That minibook looks beautiful :D xxx

  5. We have huge industrial heaters at work which are melting to sit anywhere near- the heating has been broken for weeks now. But I'm not allowed to take photos at work- so will need to catch up tomorrow.