Thursday, 15 November 2012


On seeing this word UPLIFTING this morning I knew I had to think about the word for today before blogging. My immediate thought was sunshine which always lifts my spirits, then perhaps the first cuppa of the day. Anyway i didn't have much time before being out with Carol to a scrapping class with Anita at Cardinal Colours this morning. We then had lunch at a big garden centre and afterwards a look for Christmas pressies in the big gift shop and Pavers shoe shop where some lovely black ankle boots just fell into my hands!!
By now I had brainstormed the word with Carol and of course she said "my hair being just right"!! Thank you Carol so into my archives I looked as I had just the photos.....I feel so uplifted when my hair has been recoloured! This was for the challenge 365 in 2008!!
Well I didn't finish blogging before we went out with friends for a pub meal tonight (yes 2 meals today :))
I asked round the table what came to mind with the word uplifting for a photo...2 replies where
1. a bra
2 jockey pants

I gave up after that!!!!


  1. Lynne, I did share that last thought.. One of my girls adn I have a funny saying.. If you've got it flaunt it..and if you haven't get a push-up bra! !, xxx

  2. I agree with coloring hair, I immediately feel better (did that yesterday). xx

  3. I had my hair cut and colored today after work. Unfortunately, I cannot do my own. Every time I have tried it has been a disaster since my hair doesn't take easy to color. Yours always looks so nice. I love your blogs and the 365 challenge you have been doing is so much fun to follow and read.

  4. Yes, I feel different once my hair is coloured, definitely uplifted :D

  5. Lynne, congratulations! I love your post today and the KathiJo's comment.

  6. Think it's time for me to start experimenting with hair colouring. I hate going to the hairdressers- but I could try this at home maybe!