Friday, 23 November 2012

Day 328 - GLOOMY

I blogged early yesterday and missed showing you our sky in the afternoon whilst Peter continued to cut back the garden! We only have a small garden but boy can he cut back trees and shrubs!!
Here are the skies we had no rain fortunately so no flooding here, but the winds got up around 4pm and blew these black clouds over

Here is Mr Peter the gardener!! Chop, chop, chop.....
and as I watched I saw this Magpie? in the tree above him!!
Well here is another gloomy day! We woke to this sky though again no rain and mild.

This pm the clouds have gone and we have blue skies and once again clouds from the west coming again!
Was going to scrap pm but the kitchen sucked me in, making the mince mixture for 2 huge lasagnes for 28th Dec when we have 10 to sleep overnight!!
Tonight we are out to meet friends for a pub meal so no more cooking for me today :)


  1. you have a lovely view from your garden lynne. Have a good night tonight.

  2. Peter is enjoying himself, isn't he?
    Enjoy your meal out tonight.

  3. I've just realised what you said. How are you going to fit 10 in the house?

  4. Your last sky photo is amazing. 10 people, you are courageous to cook for them all.xx

  5. Just fantastic photos Lynne. I love the sound of 10 on a sleepover, will you have a midnight feast? :) xx

  6. the sky certainly provides us with a lot of gloomy photos this time of year :) i love watching the dramatic clouds and lights displays .. i love the 2nd photo!!