Sunday, 11 November 2012

Day 316 - MEMORIES

Today is 11.11 2012 and it is Remembrance Sunday
I have decided to blog this morning before my day really starts since as soon as I saw the word memories as I was eating my breakfast I started to reflect on the past that I remember.
I have 67 yrs to try and remember. A lot of those years I do not really remember and to be honest I do not really dwell in the past unlike Peter who always has! Maybe I haven't reached that age yet!!
I could make this a really long post but on going through my photos there are many that I haven't scanned and are still in albums and not on the computer...perhaps you should be glad that this post longer
So here goes
Earliest memories are my grandad bedridden from a severe stroke unable to speak or move, I was about 3 yrs old when he died but king of remember going and lifting a hanky off his face as he lay before his funeral in the front room where his bed had been for several years
Sadly I have no memories of these photos aged 2 - 9yrs

I vaguely remember these photos aged 11 going to Sec school in my blazer.The local Acadamys have just introduced blazers again as part of their uniform
 Aged 17 and in pointed heeled shoes and petticoats!!
College days training to be a teacher 1963-66, plenty of memories, fun days and making firm life long friendships, meeting my first husband !
 No first wedding photos on the computer but memories of our first born Mark 1970
 Photos seem to dwindle during my first years of marriage, I guess money has tight and photography wasn't a priority but do have the boys together growing up. This would have been taken in 1976. These were tough years to follow as a single parent and not a lot of memories except worked hard and played hard when I could!!!
 My 2nd wedding day to Peter in 1985, a lot of memories here!
Mark and I on his 18th birthday

 His graduation day at Nottingham Uni 4 yrs later
Some fond memories here and regrets that I didn't take more photos and wasn't a scrapper earlier on in life!!


  1. Wonderful photos, Lynne. You were such a sweet little girl ! It is so amazing to be able to pop in each of you's life. It's like I've known you all for ages. xxx

  2. Beautiful photos. I have the same regrets - not to have scrapped my girls' life when they were younger. It's great that you have so many photos from your school days - I'm much younger but I don't think I have many.

  3. Oh wow Lynne, thanks for sharing these, they are brilliant, you can absolutely see your lovely smile in those early shots and weren't you the belle as a young woman :) xxx

  4. I have so many regrets about photos not taken. But then I have to remind myself that capturing every moment is a very modern idea.

  5. Ahh Lynne, I can see you will have fun playing my challenge weeks next year.. And a new years resolution to scan more of those pics for then! Me too!
    Col says than when he was a teen they took loads of film motorcrossing but could never afford to get them developed.. X

  6. Your photos remind me so much of the photos I was looking at today.

  7. lovely photos lynne...really great to see your life through these photos :)

  8. Thanks for sharing your photos, I love the one with the pointy shoes and petticoat and also the college one, fabulous.

  9. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and memories. It is great to see you growing up over the years. I wish I had the time and energy to scan all of my old photos and burn them to DVDs for safe keeping. I have so many that it seems an impossible task. You are still as beautiful now as you were as a young woman and child. Again, thank you for sharing.