Monday, 5 November 2012

Day 310 - BRIGHT

Got up to a dry bright day but my home day went pear shape!!
Went shopping at 9am and then called at elderly friends who aren't very well They needed some help....I had called in for a coffee but ended up trying to sort out their old analogue TV in the kitchen.  I then spent all day backwards and forwards from my house, finally took an old TV and a spare freeview box and then went to a shop for an aerial whilst Peter did a refuse trip with stuff from his work.
Peter and I finally arrived home late for dinner and now he has now gone out to footie!! Oh and the pold TV with an aerial and freeview box works perfectly in their kitchen :)

I took this photo as I went out this morning, a bright scarf and the sun is shining so a bright day:)

Off to sit and relax after a lovely shower and putting on PJ's


  1. Good to see you are ok, missed your morning post on UKS :) Enjoy your restful evening, lovely scarf by the way :)

  2. Love your scarf, great colors ! I was also wondering where everybody is !!!

  3. Ahhh that was a lovely kindness, know exactly how it is, my Col is big on sorting stuff out like TVs etc x

  4. What a lovely scarf Lynne. It certainly turned out a busy day for you. Great that you sortrd their TV situation out for your friends.

  5. Congratulations, Lynne! Great idea! I really like the way you combine colors.
    Many thanks for your comments and support. This is my e-mail
    ...your morning post on UKS? - what, where - give me a link?

    1. I really like your sense of humor - 400!