Monday, 12 November 2012


I meant to take a photo of my first cuppa but was so busy reading Kathi and Anne's blogs I forgot. Anyway took  photo of the next cuppa I made later today! I find tea a refreshing drink these days. I was a big coffee drinker but developed an allergy to the coffee bean and had to wean myself off 11 mugs of coffee I drank daily!!
Went ot town to meet Carol and another friend for coffee (I can drink the occasional latte these days!). Carol and I then carried on with our retail therapy and had lunch out too and we finally caught buses home late afternoon!!
My shopping consisted of 2 skirts, 4 jumpers, bag, shoes and earrings. I am all set now for the rest of winter including Christmas
Here I am trying on each skirt and 2 of the 4 jumpers, need to loose a bit of weight before Christmas (well done Kathi and Col for the weight loss). I haven't had a straight skirt for several years!!
This is the jumper which would look better with an inch off!!
Peter was playing bowls but when he came home we had an early dinner and then went to see our oldest DGS Tom who was 17 today, we bought him a watch he wanted. tomorrow he has his first driving lesson!!


  1. Great family moments, amazing when they can learn to drive. We have just tried to eat lots less bread and cheese and no sweets or cakes, I am naughtier than him but he says he has more to lose! xx The straight skirt looks great x

  2. Lynne, you and are are very similar. I too drank so much coffee I developed an allergy to it and now can only drink the odd cup now and again and that has to be decaffe or I get hyper with the caffeine. We even chose the same refreshing.
    Happy Birthday Grandson.
    You look great in that straight skirt and don't let anyone else tell you any different

  3. I agree with Viv, you look gorgeous. Women are not supposed to look like skeletons and honestly, it's good for me that way, LOL.

  4. Gorgeous as ever! Love the skirt!