Saturday, 3 November 2012

Day 308 - GROUP

How fortuitous that I had a photo taken yesterday of myself with two teamies from Dizzy dots on UKS! It was lovely to see Tara who lives in Middlesex and on holiday locally at Karen's house,  where Karen was holding a fund raising day for Children with Cancer. I hope she did well, she had made some lovely jewellery bracelets and earrings, which I bought for Christmas pressies :)
 This was the weather from our patio window as we ate breakfast at 9.30am this morning!!
 I had to take another photo as the balck clouds reached us!
 We have had our flu jabs and popped to town by car to get the Sun paper and Lego for Zac :)
Whilst we were out the PO left me a red card.cannot wait til Monday so will pop to the sorting office before it closes at 2pm!!
Look at the view from our patio now at 11.50am!!
Really excited about our new challenge 2013 and off to put my thoughts and ideas down before I forget as I too am losing my grey cells like Viv!!!


  1. I think we had the same weather Lynne! it's always fun to meet up with cyber friends.

  2. Beautiful photos! It looks the weather is April-like all over Europe. It was similar here - some sun, some clouds but heavy rain and floods are expected tomorrow and on Saturday.

  3. Great photos, lovely to have a meet-up and we have had hail today :)

  4. Great photos- what a fantastic cause to raise money for.

  5. Sounds like you had a great day.
    I love the view from your patio window

  6. great photos and so nice to have a catch up with Tara and Karen.

  7. Thank you so much for coming Lynne - it was lovely to see you and Tara and have your support xx

  8. Lovely photo of some of the Dizzies :)